small size big performance

Introducing Naída CI.
The newest, most advanced behind-the-ear sound processor in the world.

a quantum leap forward in performance and wireless connectivity

The innovation DNA of AB & Phonak have merged together for the introduction of Naída CI Q70 (Naída CI), the world’s newest, most advanced sound processor.

Naída CI combines the most sophisticated solutions from the leaders in hearing instrument and cochlear implant innovations.

advanced technology for superior hearing performance

ClearVoice™* Clinically proven to help patients understand speech significantly better in noise1, ClearVoice is designed to automatically separate the distracting noises from the speech signal.
UltraZoom This dual-microphone technology pioneered by Phonak is designed to focus on sound from a speaker located in front of the listener for improved speech understanding in noisy settings.
55% improvement in speech understanding in noise2
100% wireless connectivity

The ComPilot wireless streaming accessory offers advanced features and functionality that link you seamlessly to Bluetooth products, mobile phones, computers, media players, TVs, navigation systems, FM, and countless other devices.

Bluetooth Connectivity
40% smaller

than AB’s previous behind-the-ear sound processor...and as thin as the industry-leading power hearing aid!

always instyle

The Naída CI color collection delivers modern styling from subtle hues that blend with hair and skin tones to chic shades that make a fashion statement.

Available in 9 fashionable colors
Alpine White
Caribbean Pirate
Princess Pink
Sand Beige
Silver Gray
Velvet Black
1. Advanced Bionics. (2012) ClearVoice Clinical Results White Paper. 2. Hehrmann P, Fredelake S, Hamacher V, Dyballa K-H, Büchner A. Improved Speech Intelligibility with Cochlear Implants Using State-of-the-Art Noise Reduction Algorithms. Speech Communication; Proceedings of the 10th ITG Symposium, 09/2012.